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Visa Options

Picture two roads that lead to the United States. Along each road, you encounter a series of booths.  Each booth represents a visa category with its own set of requirements. You and/or your business must satisfy the requirements at one of these booths before you may be admitted to the U.S.

One road leads to Permanent resident status – a Green Card. This immigrant route is for persons who want to make the U.S. their main home and it provides almost unlimited rights to work.  The different booths relate to the different ways you may qualify for a Green Card.

The other nonimmigrant road offers temporary stay in the U.S. with limited work authorization according to the particular booth’s requirements. These limits vary from a short visit for pleasure to long-term residence managing a specific business.


Although many people want to live permanently in the U.S., not everyone can satisfy the requirements for a Green Card. A nonimmigrant or temporary visa may well offer sufficient access to the U.S. to satisfy short and medium term needs.