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TN status offers temporary stay in the U.S. to Canadian and Mexican professionals, qualified in a listed profession or occupation, who wish to engage in business activities at a professional level. Canadians and Mexicans who are qualified in one of the listed professions can work in TN status for a specified U.S. employer. 63 professions and occupations are listed, ranging from accountants to vocational counselors and the list includes a variety of medical and scientific occupations.


1. Applicant is a Canadian or Mexican citizen
2. U.S. entity is offering him/her a position requiring qualification in a listed profession or occupation
3. Applicant is appropriately qualified for the position
a. Generally a minimum of a baccalaureate degree
b. Degree referred to must be in the specific or a closely related area of knowledge
c. Categories such as management consultant, computer systems analyst, scientific technician merely require a post-secondary diploma and/or experience (see list below)
4. May not amount to self-employment
a. TN applicant may not own or control the U.S. entity offering the position
5. Canadians apply for TN status at a major port of entry
a. Processing while you wait
b. TN applications are normally supported by a letter describing the employment and evidence of the applicant’s qualifications
6. Mexicans apply by filing a petition at a regional service center according to the place of work
a. Mexican citizens must be paid prevailing wage for the position and are subject to the same labor requirements as for the H-1B status
7. TN status granted for up to three years at a time
a. No maximum number of extensions or new applications but applicant must show that the proposed stay in the U.S. is temporary with a reasonably finite and predictable end.
b. Limited to the stated employer in the specified position. A new application must be made for employment with a different or additional employer
8. Holder of TN status may reside in the U.S. with spouse and children (under 21)
a. Spouse and children are not authorized to work in the U.S. although they may attend U.S. schools



ACCOUNTANT: baccalaureate degree, C.P.A., C.A., C.G.A., or C.M.A.
ARCHITECT: baccalaureate degree or state/provincial license *1
COMPUTER SYSTEMS ANALYST: baccalaureate degree, or post- secondary diploma and three years’ experience
DISASTER RELIEF INSURANCE CLAIMS ADJUSTER: baccalaureate degree or three years’ experience in the field of claims adjustment
ECONOMIST: baccalaureate degree
ENGINEER: baccalaureate degree or state/provincial license *1
FORESTER: baccalaureate degree or state/provincial license *1
GRAPHIC DESIGNER: baccalaureate degree, or post-secondary diploma and three years’ experience
HOTEL MANAGER: baccalaureate degree in hotel/restaurant management, or post-secondary diploma in hotel/restaurant management and three years’ experience in hotel/restaurant management
INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER: baccalaureate degree, or post- secondary diploma and three years’ experience
INTERIOR DESIGNER: baccalaureate degree, or post- secondary diploma and three years’ experience
LAND SURVEYOR: baccalaureate degree or state/provincial/federal license *1
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: baccalaureate degree
LAWYER: member of bar in province or state, or L.L.B., J.D., L.L.L., or B.C.L.
LIBRARIAN: M.L.S. or B.L.S. (for which another baccalaureate degree was a prerequisite)
MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT: baccalaureate degree or five years’ experience in consulting or related field
MATHEMATICIAN: baccalaureate degree
– Dentist: D.D.S., D.M.D., or state/provincial license *1
– Dietitian: baccalaureate degree, or state/provincial license *1
– Medical Laboratory Technologist (Canada)/
– Medical Technologist (U.S.): baccalaureate degree, or post-secondary diploma and three years’ experience *2
– Nutritionist: baccalaureate degree
– Occupational Therapist: baccalaureate degree or state/provincial license *1
– Pharmacist: baccalaureate degree or state/provincial license *1
– Physician (Teaching and/or Research only): M.D. or state/provincial license *1
– Physio/Physical Therapist: baccalaureate degree or state/provincial license *1
– Psychologist: state/provincial license *1
– Recreational Therapist: baccalaureate degree
– Registered Nurse: state/provincial license *1
– Veterinarian: D.V.M., D.M.V., or state/provincial license *1
RANGE MANAGER (Range Conservationist): baccalaureate degree
RESEARCH ASSISTANT (working in a post- secondary educational institution): baccalaureate degree
– Must work in direct support of professionals in the following disciplines: Agricultural sciences, astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering , forestry, geology, geophysics, meteorology, or physics;
– Must possess theoretical knowledge of the discipline; and
– Must solve practical problems in the discipline, or apply principles of the discipline to basic or applied research
– Agriculturist (Agronomist): baccalaureate degree
– Animal breeder: baccalaureate degree
– Animal Scientist: baccalaureate degree
– Apiculturist: baccalaureate degree
– Astronomer: baccalaureate degree
– Biochemist: baccalaureate degree
– Biologist: baccalaureate degree
– Chemist: baccalaureate degree
– Dairy Scientist: baccalaureate degree
– Entomologist: baccalaureate degree
– Epidemiologist: baccalaureate degree
– Geneticist: baccalaureate degree
– Geochemist: baccalaureate degree
– Geologist: baccalaureate degree
– Geophysicist: baccalaureate degree
– Horticulturist: baccalaureate degree
– Meteorologist: baccalaureate degree
– Pharmacologist: baccalaureate degree
– Physicist: baccalaureate degree
– Plant Breeder: baccalaureate degree
– Poultry Scientist: baccalaureate degree
– Soil Scientist: baccalaureate degree
– Zoologist: baccalaureate degree
SOCIAL WORKER: baccalaureate degree
SYLVICULTURIST (Forest Specialist): baccalaureate degree
– College: baccalaureate degree
– Seminary: baccalaureate degree
– University: baccalaureate degree
TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS WRITER: baccalaureate degree, or post-secondary diploma and three years’ experience
URBAN PLANNER: baccalaureate degree
VOCATIONAL COUNSELOR: baccalaureate degree

*1 The terms “state/provincial license” and “state/provincial/federal license” mean any document issued by, or under the authority of, a state, provincial, or federal government which permits a person to engage in a regulated activity or profession

*2 Must be seeking entry to perform in a laboratory, chemical, biological, hematological, immunologic, microscopic or bacteriological tests and analyses for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease

Effective 1.1.94., Licenciatura degree may substitute for baccalaureate degree